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The programs listed below repeat throughout the day in the order shown, so look at what is currently playing to see which show will be up next.

Black MuseumJar of AcidUnknown
Black MuseumTwo BulletsUnknown
Creeps by NightThe Final Reckoning1944-05-02
Creeps by NightThe Strange Burial of Alexander Jordan1944-03-07
Crime and Peter ChambersTina Diaz - Utopia Ballroom1954-08-10
Crime and Peter ChambersOld Man Krause's News Stand1954-05-11
Dark FastasyPennsylvania Turnpike1942-03-20
Dark FastasyThe House Of Bread1941-12-26
Dimension XThe Martian Death March1951-01-14
Dimension XThe Castaways1950-08-11
The Fat ManMurder Finds a CoffinUnknown
The Fat ManMurder Takes a PictureUnknown
Inner SanctumThe Corpse In The Taxi1949-05-09
Inner SanctumThe Man Who Couldn't Die1945-10-30
Inner SanctumOver My Dead Body1947-06-23
Inner SanctumThe Dark Chamber1945-12-11
Lights OutThe Devil's Due1939-04-26
Lights OutMungahra1942-10-27
The Strange Dr. WeirdWhen Killers Meet1945-04-10
The Strange Dr. WeirdDeath in the Everglades1944-11-28
Molle' Mystery TheatreYours Truly, Jack the Ripper1945-02-27
Molle' Mystery TheatreComic Strip Murder1944-10-24
Screen Director's PlayhouseThe Damned Don't Cry1951-04-05
SuspenseThe Murder of Aunt Delia1949-11-10
SuspenseBackseat Driver1951-10-22
The UnexpectedNightmare1948-11-21
The UnexpectedVoodoo Night1948-11-07
The Weird CircleThe Haunted HotelUnknown
The Weird CircleThe Oblong BoxUnknown
Yours Truly, Johnny DollarThe Hope to Die Matter1957-11-24
Yours Truly, Johnny DollarThe Cask of Death Matter1959-05-24

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We welcome any feedback on our programming selections, including requests for your favorite shows. If you would like to hear a particular program, send us as much information about the show as you have available and we will make every attempt to locate it in our extensive library of old time radio shows.

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