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The programs listed below repeat throughout the day in the order shown, so look at what is currently playing to see which show will be up next.

American WeeklyChristmas Eve Ghost1933
Barrie Craig, Confidential InvestigatorBlood Money1954-08-24
Barrie Craig, Confidential InvestigatorNever Murder a Mummy1955-03-30
Barrie Craig, Confidential InvestigatorThe Tough Guy1954-07-06
Boston BlackieSanta and the Stolen Rings
Box 13Daytime Nightmare1949-05-15
Box 13One Of These Four1949-05-08
Box 13The Clay Pigeon1949-08-07
Calling All DetectivesA Wire Recorder Helps Jerry Unravel a Case1948-08-24
Calling All DetectivesChristmas Ornament Is Valuable Clue1949-05-01
Calling All DetectivesJerry Pursues a Girl With a Gun on a Train1948-07-26
EscapeThe Man Who Liked Dickens1952-12-21
Haunting HourThe Cat Man1945
Haunting HourUnidentified Body1945
Inner SanctumA Corpse There Was1951-06-04
Inner SanctumDeath Pays the Freight1947-01-06
Inner SanctumThe Magic Tile1952-08-10
Lights OutChristmas Story1937-12-22
Mystery HouseComplete With Quartet 1945-09-16
Mystery HouseMurder In Paradise
Nick CarterInvisible Treasure1948-01-25
Nick CarterNick Carter's Christmas Adventure1943-12-25
Nick CarterSunken Dollar1947-06-29
SuspenseHeads You Lose1962-03-11
SuspenseMurder by the Book1947-07-10
Let George Do ItChristmas Letter1951-12-25
SuspenseSorry, Wrong Number1944-02-24
SuspenseThe House by the River1948-02-28
SuspenseThe Lunatic Hour1962-06-17
The Adventures of Sam SpadeThe Lawless Caper1948-08-29
The Adventures of Sam SpadeThe Sinister Siren Caper1951-03-16
The Adventures of Sam SpadeThe Stopped Watch Caper1949-04-10
The SaintChristmas Eve Problems1950-12-24
Yours Truly, Johnny DollarThe Deadly Swamp Matter1960-04-17
Yours Truly, Johnny DollarThe Lost by a Hair Matter1959-08-09
Yours Truly, Johnny DollarThe Sudden Wealth Matter1959-12-13

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